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Pulses a LED according to a sine wave, with the periodicity given as argument.
The pins output used for these must be PWM pins.
Please see for complete tutorial on how this works.
This example code is licensed under CC BY 4.0.
Please see
modified 18 January 2017
by Tony Pottier
typedef int16_t f7p9;
typedef uint32_t uf16p16;
//signed 7 bit integer / 9 bit decimal
#define inttof7p9(n) ((n) << 9)
#define f7p9toint(n) ((n) >> 9)
#define floattof7p9(n) ((int16_t)((n) * (1 << 9)))
#define f7p9tofloat(n) (((float)(n)) / (float)(1<<9))
//signed 23 bit integer / 9 bit decimal
#define floattof23p9(n) ((int32_t)((n) * ((int32_t)1 << 9)))
#define f23p9tofloat(n) (((float)(n)) / (float)(1<<9))
//unsigned 16 bit integer / 16 bit decimal
#define floattouf16p16(n) ((uf16p16)((n) * ((uf16p16)1 << 16)))
#define inttouf16p16(n) (((uf16p16)n) << 16)
#define uf16p16tofloat(n) (((float)(n)) / (float)((uf16p16)1<<16))
//return a f7p9 of a multiplication of two f16p16. If the number doesn't fit it will be truncated
static inline f7p9 muluf16p16(uf16p16 a, uf16p16 b) {
return (f7p9)(((uf16p16)a * (uf16p16)b) >> (16+7));
//Simple multiplication of two f7p9 terms. Operation is done on 32 bits to avoid overflow.
static inline f7p9 mulf7p9(f7p9 a, f7p9 b){
return (f7p9) ( (( (int32_t)a * (int32_t)b) >> 9) );
class QuadraticWaveLed{
f7p9 quadraticWavef7p9(f7p9 x);
f7p9 value;
int pinNo;
unsigned long waveLen;
uf16p16 inverseWaveLen;
void setup(const int pinNumber, const unsigned long waveDuration);
void update(const unsigned long milli);
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