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Assembly Name Module/Namespace Description
NPOI.DLL NPOI.POIFS OLE2/ActiveX document properties library
NPOI.DLL NPOI.DDF Microsoft Office Drawing read/write library
NPOI.DLL NPOI.HPSF OLE2/ActiveX document read/write library
NPOI.DLL NPOI.HSSF Microsoft Excel BIFF(Excel 97-2003, xls) format library
NPOI.DLL NPOI.SS Excel common interface and Excel formula engine
NPOI.DLL NPOI.Util base utility library, these classes can be used for other projects
NPOI.OOXML.DLL NPOI.XSSF Excel 2007(xlsx) format library
NPOI.OOXML.DLL NPOI.XWPF Word 2007(docx) format library
NPOI.OpenXml4Net.DLL NPOI.OpenXml4Net OpenXml zip package library
NPOI.OpenXmlFormats.DLL NPOI.OpenXmlFormats Microsoft Office OpenXml object relationship library


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