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Welcome to the Erlang OpenCL binding

To get started you need erlang, preferably R14. You also need
GCC and a machine with OpenCL installed. 

To build: just run make

To build examples: Goto the examples directory and run make.

Make sure erlang finds the cl/ebin directory.

Windows Users: 
I'm assuming you got an mingw environment, otherwise you are on your own.

mkdir -p /opt/local/include/CL
mkdir -p /opt/local/lib

Download all headers from
and put them in /opt/local/include/CL
You can also use the environment variable OPENCL_DIR to point
out other locations.

Find a OpenCL.lib available in Nvidia or ATI developments kits
cp /c/CUDA/lib/OpenCL.dll /opt/local/lib

Also you might need autoconf package available at:

OpenCL with ATI drivers for CPU usage don't work when erlang
is started within a mingw shell but does if you start it from
a Windows CMD.exe shell.

If you don't like mingws compiler you can use Microsoft compiler by running 
$ make MCL=true
This assumes that you have all the environment variables set.
They can be set by adding first in your 'msys.bat':
call "c:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1\Bin\SetEnv.cmd"
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