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remake is a simple erlang script that can be used from emacs or from command line, simple as:


The effect of the command is to look for a Makefile or a rebar.config by searching from current directory and upwards towards the root directory, not including root it self.

The output from remake is translated in a way that make filenames be relative to the current directory, making remake ideal to be used from emacs.

Clone remake.git anywhere and make sure remake can be found in PATH.

In .emacs, add this line to make remake the default 'compile command

(setq compile-command "remake")

(remake has no connection to the erlang-mode what so ever)


remake foo.c

Compile the file foo.c with gcc and link the output to 'foo'.

remake foo.erl

Uses erlc to compile the Erlang module foo.

remake doc

If rebar.config is found the run "rebar doc" in that directory or if Makefile is found the run "make doc". In general the arguments to remake is passed to either rebar or make, which means that only some combinations are useful for both cases.