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This library contains modules ynab_api and ynab_tools.

ynab_api wraps the YNAB API for Julia. It provides full access to the API. Use of the API will require authentication with a token or oauth. See here for authentication details.

ynab_tools provides tools for managing your YNAB account that are not provided by YNAB. At this time the only tool that is provided is a reconciliation tool that allows you to reconcile accounts at any point in time, rather than only being able to reconcile as of now.

Usage Example

import JSON, ynab_api, ynab_tools

api = Dict("key" => api_key) # Put your API key in here
budgets = JSON.parse(ynab_api.budgets(api))["data"]["budgets"]
accounts = JSON.parse(ynab_api.accounts(api, budgets[1]["id"]))["data"]["accounts"]
budget = budgets[1]["id"]
account = accounts[1]["id"]
transactions = JSON.parse(ynab_api.account_transactions(api,
rec = ynab_tools.reconcile(transactions, ynab_tools.parse_date("2018-10-31"), 1000000,
                           ynab_tools.parse_date("2018-10-01"), 750000)

API Documentation

See YNAB API Endpoints for documentation on the contents of the return values of the API.