Implementing a chat app in Laravel
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Slackish in Laravel

This application is for personal development only. This is just a simplistic version of Slack, the chat service we all know and use.


For this application, I'm using:

The internal code I took from Adam Wathan's Slack Clone.

I know it's not responsive right now, what about sending a PR?


If you want to run it locally, here is the setup:

  • Clone it
  • Copy the .env.example to .env
  • Pull composer dependencies using `composer install'
  • Pull npm dependencies using yarn
  • Build the assets yarn dev
  • Run php artisan key:generate
  • Create your database (I use a sqlite file for testing reasons, feel free to use whatever you want)
  • Configure the database credentials in the .env file
  • Run the migrations php artisan migrate
  • Setup passport php artisan passport:install
  • Create a Pusher Account and configure the credentials in the .env file
  • You need to generate OAuth Application and enable the Google Plus contact permission
  • After that, configure your .env to use those credentials, the redirect URL I use is http://localhost:8000/auth/google/callback
  • Run the application! (use php artisan serve)