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Demo: Sample Visual Studio Code project for TypeScript

NOTE: This generator is designed to work only on Mac OS X or Linux. To work on Windows, a number of issues will need to be addressed, including differences in file paths.

  1. You should first install the following extensions for Visual Studio Code.
  • VS Code JSHint: jshint
  • VS Code TSHint: tslint
  • Editor Config for VS Code: editorconfig
    • To install an extension, type Cmd+P to diplay the Command Palette, then type ext and press Enter.
    • Type the extension keyword shown above and press Enter to install.
    • editorconfig will bring up two extensions, so just install Editor Config for VS Code.
  1. Open a Terminal at the project root and execute the following scripts.
  • Install npm packages. A node_modules folder will be created with required packages.

    npm run init
  • Compile TypeScript files. A dist folder will be created with files generated by the TypeScript compiler, including source maps and type defs.

    npm run compile
  1. Make sure you can debug TypeScript source files and tests.
  • Select greeter.ts in src\greeter\greeter.ts
  • Click the Debug icon in VS Code.
  • Select Debug Current TypeScript File dropdown and press F5 to launch the debugger and break on the first line.
  • Then select greeter.spec.ts and set a breakpoint.
  • Select Debug Current TypeScript Test dropdown and press F5 to launch the debugger and stop at the breakpoint.
  1. Launch the build and test tasks from within VS Code.
  • Press Cmd+Shift+B to build.
  • Press Cmd+Shift+T to run tests and see result in the Output window.
  1. Next you can execute gulp tasks from the Terminal.
  • Note that gulp commands can also be run from within VS Code, pressing Cmd+P and typing task, then typing part of the task name.

  • Show available gulp commands.

  • Run jasmine tests using karma.

    gulp tests-run
  • Run jasmine tests using karma with a watch. After running, make a change to greeter.spec.ts so that it fails.

    gulp tests-watch
  • Serve jasmine tests in the browser. After running, make a change to greeter.ts so that it fails.

    gulp tests-serve
  1. TypeScript files and tests may be added to the src directory, either at the src root or in nested subdirectories.


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