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All the programming projects that I'm doing with Cate starting at 10 years old

Sketchy      +1 +1
Neopad       0  +1
colorsketch  0  0
florecent    +1  0
quill        +1 +1
colordesk    0  0
neon-desk   -1

  - DONE Bug: eraser erases border
  - Bug: hitting return on pen size resets the drawing
  - Be able to save a drawing and load it back
  - Add more palettes
  - Share the drawing to a friend, and that friend can see the list of drawings shared with him/her

  - DONE Switch to 5 different colr pallattes.
    - Neon
    - summer
    - spring
    - fall
    - winter
  - DONE A simple canvas to draw
  - DONE A color palette on top with 7 colors
    - DONE she wants neon colors
    - DONE rearrange for Cate's preferences
      - DONE get Cate's new colors
    - DONE to be able to change color
  - DONE Move the mouse 
  - DONE Click and move to draw
  - DONE Need a eraser or white color

  - DONE P1 Brush size
#00FF40 purple  #FEFF49 yellow
#DDA5F7 pink
#FF2AF8 green
Reference commands
  git config --global "Tony Tam"
  git config --global ""
  git init
  git add README
  git commit -m 'first commit for social drawing' README
  git remote add origin 
  git push -u origin master
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