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Link to Demo:

Link to Demo

About This Project:

Liri-Node-App is a javascript node application I to make for homework, as part of the Northwestern University Full Stack Coding Bootcamp, whose purpose was to demonstrate my understanding of node.js

How to Use:

Open liri.js in the command line and enter any of the following 4 commands: concert-this, spotify-this-song, movie-this, and do-what-it-says. After concert-this enter the name of an artist or band and you will be given the info for their next concert. After spotify-this-song enter a song title and you will be given information about that song. After movie-this, enter a movie title and you will be given information about the movie. The do-what-it-says command will read whats in the random.txt file and perform whatever command is stored in it. Above you will find a link to a youtube video demonstrating how the app works.

Liri-Node-App was made using node.js

Created By:

Tony Greeley

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