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Wedding website for Megan Bailey & Randy Russo
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MayThe4thBeRusso v 2.0

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The original MayThe4thBeRusso repository is for a project for my class which, I have now completed and graduated from. MayThe4thBeRussov2 is now the real development of the actual wedding website that I am making for my best friend, Randy Russo and his beautiful and amazing fiance, Megan Bailey. I couldn't be prouder or happier to be able to create this site for them as their wedding gift.

Tech Used

HTML, CSS, JavaScript (es6), JSX, TypeScript, React, Nestjs, MySQL, TypeORM, Jest, Enzyme, Circle-CI, git, GitHub, WorkingCopy, & Editorial


A special thank you to my friend Miguel Caballero for his help and the greatest teacher in the world Mark Thompson.

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