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unit-4-game - Crystall Collector

Link to Game:

link to Crystal Collecter

About this project:

Crystal collector is a simple game I was to make for a homework assignment, as part of the Northwestern Coding Bootcamp, whose purpose was to demonstrate my knowledge of using and writing JavaScrip with JQuery.

Crystal collector was built with HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap4, Javascript and JQuery 3.3.1.

Summary of Gameplay:

A random number between 19-120 is generated and used as the target number. 4 other random numbers between 1-12 are generated an assigned to each of the crystals and the value of that crystal is added to your total score each time that crystal is clicked. The objective is to get your total score to match that of the target number. If you reach the target number, without going over, the game updates your win count and resets generating new random numbers for each of the 5 elements. Counterwise, if you go over the target number, the game updates your lose count and resets in the same fashion.

Created By

Tony Greeley

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