Latest commit c18c352 Jun 26, 2017 @tonytomov Update the build
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addons Fix multiselect addAll Apr 7, 2015
i18n Update grid.locale-es.js May 18, 2017
minified Update the build Jun 26, 2017
grid.base.js Fix multisorting issue. May 31, 2017
grid.celledit.js Fix celledit to support subgrid and any additional rows content added… May 12, 2017
grid.common.js Remove not needed function parseInt in viewModal Feb 20, 2017
grid.export.js Added isExported and exporttype in the formatter options parameter wh… May 19, 2017
grid.filter.js Fix filterInput to use ! correct Apr 24, 2017
grid.formedit.js Fix && not to be interpreted as command in compareData function Apr 24, 2017
grid.grouping.js Adding count parameter to summaryTpl as {1} Apr 5, 2017
grid.import.js Better written in dot notation Apr 24, 2017
grid.inlinedit.js Fix checkbox colModel check value in inline edit Apr 6, 2017
grid.jqueryui.js Fixed stop function in sortablColumns method to be executed within de… Mar 6, 2017
grid.pivot.js It is better to return empty grid with pivot dta, rather than to expo… May 15, 2017
grid.subgrid.js Remove redefinition of hsret in addSubgrid Apr 24, 2017
grid.treegrid.js Fix adding semicolon in collapseNode Apr 24, 2017
grid.utils.js More stronger fix to parse functions in parseFunc loadState method Th… Jun 26, 2017
jqDnR.js Using on/off instead of bind/unbind in jqDnR module Jun 16, 2016
jqModal.js Add focusField in form editiong Jun 21, 2015
jquery.fmatter.js Fix in $.fn.fmatter.rowactions, to avoid copying sub-objects of… Jan 28, 2016
jquery.jqGrid.js Update the build Jun 26, 2017
jquery.jqGrid.min.js Update the build Jun 26, 2017 Update the build Jun 26, 2017
jquery.sortable.js Small fixe in sortable plugin Apr 24, 2017