Sony Camera API Wrapper
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A Sony Camera Remote API wrapper.


$ gem install sonycam

CLI Usage

$ sonycam api actTakePicture

The command above will prints the result as JSON format, you can process it with pipe, for example:

$ sonycam api actTakePicture | ruby -rjson -e "puts JSON.parse("

The best way to learn sonycam CLI is make use of sonycam help command.


If you've already known the API URL:

require 'sonycam'
api = ""
api.request :actTakePicture
# => [[""]]
api.request :actZoom, :in, :start
# => 0

Get API URL from device description:

device = ""
device.api_url         # => ""
device.api_url :camera # => ""
device.api_url :system # => ""
device.api_url :guide  # => ""

Get device description location:

location = Sonycam::Scanner.scan.first location

Sonycam::Scanner#scan returns an array of URL string where device description is located. Generally, it only contains 1 element unless you connect to more than 2 cameras.

Error Handling

api_client.request :actZoom, :in, :asdf
# => Sonycam::Error::IllegalArgument
api_client.request :actBoom
# => Sonycam::Error::NoSuchMethod: actBoom

Livestream do |packet|
  packet[:payload_data][:jpeg_data] # JPEG binary

For detail, read, lib/sonycam/packet.rb and examples/server.rb.

CLI Example

sonycam liveview will print JPEG data stream to STDOUT, it can be easily used in pipe with commands such as ffmpeg, for example:

Record to mp4:

$ sonycam liveview | ffmpeg -f image2pipe -c mjpeg -i pipe:0 -codec copy liveview.mp4
$ open examples/index.html

ffserver Stream:

$ ffserver -f examples/ffserver.conf
$ sonycam liveview | ffmpeg -f image2pipe  -c mjpeg -i pipe:0 -codec copy
$ open examples/index.html