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namespace tests
module HisTests =
open gol.GameOfLife
open System
open NUnit.Framework
let a_cell_has_no_neighbours_alive_in_an_empty_board() =
Assert.AreEqual(0, numOfNeighboursAlive (1,1,Alive) [])
let a_cell_has_no_neighbours_alive_in_one_neightbour_but_dead_cell_board() =
Assert.AreEqual(0,numOfNeighboursAlive (1,1,Alive) [(0,1,Dead)])
let a_cell_has_no_neighbours_alive_in_one_non_neighbor_cell_board() =
Assert.AreEqual(0,numOfNeighboursAlive (1,1,Alive) [(999,999,Dead)])
let ``a cell has with one neighbours alive (from a one neighbours alive board)``() =
Assert.AreEqual(1,numOfNeighboursAlive (1,1,Alive) [(0,1,Alive)])
let ``a cell has no neighbours in a borad that contains an alive cell in the same position of the cell``() =
Assert.AreEqual(0,numOfNeighboursAlive (1,1,Alive) [(1,1,Alive)])
let ``a cell has one neighbors alive in a cell that contains the cell itself and another alive neighbours``() =
Assert.AreEqual(1,numOfNeighboursAlive (1,1,Alive) [(0,1,Alive) ; (1,1,Alive)])
let ``exclude the cell from the count of the neighbours``() =
let theCell = (1,1,Alive)
let aliveNeighbourOfTheCell1 = (0,1,Alive)
let aliveNeighbourOfTheCell2 = (0,0,Alive)
Assert.AreEqual(2,numOfNeighboursAlive theCell [theCell ; aliveNeighbourOfTheCell1; aliveNeighbourOfTheCell2])
let num_of_neighbors_alive_test2() =
let celllist: cell list = [(0,1,Alive) ; (1,1,Alive); (0,0,Dead)]
Assert.AreEqual(1,numOfNeighboursAlive (0,1,Alive) [(0,1,Alive) ; (1,1,Alive); (0,0,Dead)])
let test_blinker() =
let blinkerStart = [(0,0,Dead);(0,1,Alive);(0,2,Dead);
let blinkerEnd = [(0,0,Dead); (0,1,Dead); (0,2,Dead);
(2,0,Dead); (2,1,Dead); (2,2,Dead)]
Assert.AreEqual (blinkerEnd, nextGeneration blinkerStart)
let more_complex_test_next_generation() =
let tick0 =
[(0,0,Dead); (0,1,Dead); (0,2,Dead); (0,3,Dead); (0,4,Dead);
(1,0,Dead) ; (1,1,Alive); (1,2,Alive); (1,3,Alive); (1,4,Dead);
(2,0,Dead) ; (2,1,Dead); (2,2,Alive); (2,3,Alive); (2,4,Dead);
(3,0,Dead) ; (3,1,Alive); (3,3,Dead); (3,3,Alive); (3,4,Dead);
(4,0,Dead) ; (4,1,Dead); (4,2,Dead); (4,3,Dead); (4,4,Dead)];
let tick1 =
[(0,0,Dead); (0,1,Dead); (0,2,Alive); (0,3,Dead); (0,4,Dead);
(1,0,Dead) ; (1,1,Alive); (1,2,Dead); (1,3,Alive); (1,4,Dead);
(2,0,Dead) ; (2,1,Dead); (2,2,Dead); (2,3,Dead); (2,4,Alive);
(3,0,Dead) ; (3,1,Dead); (3,3,Dead); (3,3,Alive); (3,4,Dead);
(4,0,Dead) ; (4,1,Dead); (4,2,Dead); (4,3,Dead); (4,4,Dead)];
Assert.AreEqual(tick1, nextGeneration tick0)