Artificial intelligence for screeps
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TooAngel Artificial intelligence for screeps

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See rendered version:

For in game room visitors:

Happy to see you visiting one of our rooms. Visit FAQ to find answers


This is the AI I'm using for screeps. I managed to reach Top 10 from November 2015 - March 2016. Main Goal is to automate everything, no manual interaction needed.

The AI is deployable on a private screeps server, follow the information on Steam or npm install screeps-bot-tooangel and bots.spawn('screeps-bot-tooangel', ROOMNAME)


This is not a good example for code quality or structure, most LOCs written while fighting or other occasions which needed quick fixes or in the ingame editor (getting better :-)). But I think there are a couple of funny ideas. Every contribution is welcome.



Add a src/friends.js with player names to ignore them from all attack considerations.

E.g.: module.exports = ['TooAngel'];

Add a src/config_local.js to overwrite configuration values. Copy config_local.js.example to src/config_local.js as an example. src/config.js has the default values.


install dependencies

npm install

add your account credentials


To deploy to the live server provide the credentials.

via env

export email=EMAIL
export password=PASSWORD

via git ignored file

echo "module.exports = { email: 'your-email@here.tld', password: 'your-secret' };" >

or edit and rename to

And deploy to the server:


to private server

Create a .localSync.js file with content:

module.exports = [{
  cwd: 'src',
  src: [
  dest: '$HOME/.config/Screeps/scripts/SERVER/default',
grunt local


grunt dev


Releasing to npm is done automatically by increasing the version and merging to master.

npm version 10.0.1
git push --follow-tags

Every deploy to master is automatically deployed to the live tooangel account.


More details of the AI design