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A framework for creating your very own multi-platform app with Azure Mobile Services as a backend. Get started by following the included Powerpoint file located in the root of the project. The XPlatformCloudKit supports displaying grouped items retrieved from an Azure Mobile Service, Rss Data Services, and/or Local file. It can aesthetically organize grouped objects of Type Item with property of Title, Subtitle, Description, Image, and Group to produce a Windows Phone 8.X, Windows 8.X, and Android application by means of Portable Class Libraries, Xamarin Studio, and MVVMCross. The value of the Description property is rendered as HTML, meaning you can do some rather interesting things. Check out the videos below to see how easy it is to get started!

Video Tutorials

(Note: Content may not match current state of the framework)

Blog Articles featuring XPCK

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Getting Started

After obtaining and installing the prerequisites, download the .zip of this project (link on the bottom right of The XPlatformCloudKit Project Home) Save the .zip, then right-click=>Properties=>Unblock=>Apply then extract the contents of the .zip file

You will then want to open the XPlatformCloudKit.sln located in the XPlatformCloudKit folder
(If you recieve a warning about being bound to Team Foundation Server or inability to open the .Droid project, simply ignore)

Follow along with the XPlatformCloudKit.pptx lab located in the root of the XPlatformCloudKit-master folder.

Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Universal project requirements:

Windows 8.0 project requirements:

Windows Phone 8.0 project requirements:

Android project requirements

Examples of Applications Built with the XPlatformCloudKit

  • To see all Windows 8 apps that are built with XPCK:
    On Windows 8 desktop press "Windows Key + R" and type "xplatformcloudkit:" => select OK => Click "Look for app in Store"

  • To see latest Windows Phone 8 apps built with XPCK:
    View this link in Internet Explorer

  • Starbucks Menu Windows 8
    Windows 8 Screenshot

  • Super Street Fighter 2 - Strategy Guide Windows 8 | Windows Phone 8 Windows 8 Screenshot Windows Phone 8 Screenshot1 Windows Phone 8 Screenshot2 Android Emulator Screenshot


A framework for creating your very own multi-platform app which serves up data provided by any combination of RSS feed, Local XML file, or Azure Mobile Services.



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