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toolbox for reddit

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A set of tools to be used by moderators on Reddit in order to make their jobs easier. Install toolbox from the Chrome Webstore or the Mozilla add-ons store, or read the user documentation.

Reporting issues and feature requests

If you think you've found a bug, or want to suggest a new feature, please make a post on /r/toolbox before creating an issue on the repo!

Building and Contributing

Our contributing guide has information about how to get Toolbox set up and running locally, an overview of the project structure, and information about our workflow. If you want to get involved in development, start there!

Third-party Application Support

All Toolbox subreddit settings and data are stored in subreddit wikis through versioned JSON. Third party applications can use this data to hook into toolbox features like usernotes. Documentation for third-party application developers looking to integrate with toolbox can be found on our Github wiki.