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Vendored assets should always go into the vendor assets directory.

Also, jQuery is vendored within jquery-rails so no need to include it. Bundler will manage the version for us.

I'd be inclined to do something similar for backbone and underscore with backbone-rails.


It's worth noting that the "Discussion points" section of the mentions this is a matter of preference, and I guess this pull request represents a different preference :)

For it to be complete, the would need to be updated to reflect the move.


^ what @pda said. I personally don't use the bundle-plugins-as-gems behaviour, and haven't used it in production (and whilst handling version upgrades, edge releases, etc), so I can't really vouch for the default behaviour.


Ah, fair enough. :-)

I like using machinery when given. I like that rails has strong conventions for controlled third-party code. These are also the conventions given in the asset pipeline guide.

Feel free to close without merge if you will.


Well I mostly prefer using the least amount of machinery to solve the problem. But, I wouldn't have mentioned it in the Readme if I didn't think people might prefer the other way :)

@toolmantim toolmantim closed this Feb 20, 2012
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