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Use cases for Bananajour over GitHub #32

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@technomancy pointed me to bananajour in IRC this morning and I was wondering what its intended use case is compared to just using GitHub itself. Flaky upstream at conferences was cited. Are there other good reasons to use bananajour and how come they're not in the README?


I just took what drnic said and stuck it in the readme. Feel free to expand on it.

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Bananajour - Local git publication and collaboration
Via the [best reddit comment ever written](
> The logo is the fucking business. The mustache just bring[s] it to a whole
@@ -14,6 +15,11 @@ Follow [@bananajour]( on twitter for all release u
![Screenshot of local view of Bananajour 2.1.3](
+Hosting/sharing git repos is painful. This is the core value that github originally solved. When you don't have internet access, say at railscamp, then bananajour allows for discovery and read-only access of projects. - @drnic
Installation and usage
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