A TextMate bundle for Mozilla's Add-on SDK.
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Add-on SDK.tmbundle


This is a simple TextMate bundle for Mozilla's Add-on SDK.


Go to TextMate > Preferences... > Advanced > Shell Variables and add a new environment variable called ADDON_SDK_ROOT. Set it to the absolute path of your Add-on SDK installation root.


Before running or testing your add-on, you should use the Start Firefox in Development Mode command. This will open a new Terminal window and run cfx develop in it, which opens Firefox and sets up a little server that waits for jobs to be sent to it. Any logging messages will also be displayed in this Terminal window, so you'll want to keep it visible at all times.

Now open any file of your add-on package in TextMate.

Use the Run Add-on in Firefox command to issue a job that loads the add-on in Firefox. This is analogous to cfx run.

Use the Test Add-on in Firefox command to run your add-on's test suite. This is analogous to cfx test.


Currently, bug 615060 causes a noticeable delay between issuing a run/test command in TextMate and seeing its effect.

You'll probably want to also open Firefox's Error Console to see any messages that don't make their way to the Terminal window.