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A simple mobile web app for storing etherpads offline.
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All My Etherpads

Etherpads are awesome, but they have a few problems:

  • There's no easy way to keep track of all your Etherpads, especially across multiple servers.

  • Sometimes an Etherpad server goes down, which is terrifying.

  • Accessing an Etherpad on a mobile device isn't fun because the site loads very slowly.

All My Etherpads is a simple mobile Web app that solves these problems by storing HTML versions of your Etherpads for offline viewing.

Browser Compatibility

The app has been tested on the latest desktop and mobile versions of Firefox and Safari, as well as the desktop version of Chrome.

Technical Details

The app consists entirely of static files, though it uses a cross-domain Ajax API at to retrieve the contents of Etherpads. The source code for that server is in the etherpad-export-proxy directory.

The app uses the jQuery Mobile framework for its user interface, and currently uses DOM Storage for offline storage. The application cache feature of HTML5 is used to allow the app to be used while offline.


To start working on this app, enter the root directory of the repository and run:

python --ignore-cache-manifests

Then point your browser to:


The --ignore-cache-manifests option will ensure that all the changes to your code take effect immediately, without the application cache getting in the way.

Once you want to publish your changes on a website, though, you should make sure the cache.manifest file has changed so that clients retrieve the latest version of the code.

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