Reasonably simple syncing for remote HTML presentations.
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This is a really simple drop-in script that uses Richard Milewski's anonymous slide synchronization server to sync the URL hash of any web page between a presenter and multiple viewers. It has been tested on Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 9.

If you just want to use the script to sync remote presentations, check out the wizard interface at

Querystring API

By default, this script does absolutely nothing. However, if there's a querystring parameter in the URL called syncMode, this script springs into action.

If syncMode is control, then the user is assumed to be a presenter, and any time they change the URL hash, its new value is broadcast to all viewers.

If syncMode is view, then the user is assumed to be a viewer, and their URL hash is updated as the presenter changes it.

Thus this script can simply be dropped-in to any existing web page that uses a URL hash for navigation, such as Paul Rouget's DZSlides, and the page immediately becomes something that can be used in a remote presentation.

Currently, an additional querystring parameter called syncKey must also be provided, which is a unique identifier for the presenter's session. Just set it to something like your email or twitter username and you should be fine.

Additionally, if you're the presenter and don't want others to easily take control themselves, you can supply a syncPass parameter that contains a password for your session. Once your session is created, only a URL with the right syncPass can be used to control it.


Here's an example of hashsync.js at work.

The presenter, Atul, has a DZSlides-based presentation at this URL:

He simply drops a <script> tag pointing at hashsync.js into the presentation, and opens this URL in his browser:

Then he gives out this URL to a bunch of people in a conference call:

Now anytime Atul uses the left/right arrow keys to change the current slide, everyone else on the call sees the slide change on their browser.