Simple alternative to bindings-aware HTML templating.
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Magic Ink is a simple alternative to bindings-aware HTML templating.

Template systems have a number of problems. Among them are:

  • They add yet another layer of processing to HTML that can result in annoying escaping problems, especially when one needs to compose multiple template systems.

  • They generally aren't HTML-aware, which makes it very easy to accidentally create a template that generates malformed HTML, or doesn't escape unsafe data.

  • Only the most advanced/heavyweight ones are bindings-aware, which means that developers are usually burdened with having to watch their models for changes and re-render their views as necessary.

Magic Ink has no dependencies; it uses a browser's DOM to do most of its heavy lifting, and it relies on a minimal subset of the Backbone.Model API to automatically update the DOM based on changes in the model.

For more details, see index.html.