Collaboratively create an arcade of HTML-5 based minigames with your friends.
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Minicade makes it super easy to collaboratively create an arcade of mini HTML5-based games with your friends.


You'll need node 0.10.

Quick Start

git clone git://
cd minicade
npm install
npm test
DEBUG= node app.js

Then visit http://localhost:3000.

Environment Variables

Note: When an environment variable is described as representing a boolean value, if the variable exists with any value (even the empty string), the boolean is true; otherwise, it's false.

  • MONGODB_URL is the URL to the MongoDB instance, e.g. mongodb://localhost/minicade. If not present, the app just stores user data in memory, which is useful for development but not much else.

  • DEBUG represents a boolean value. Setting this to true makes the server not aggressively cache templates and other resources, among other things.

  • PORT is the port that the server binds to. Defaults to 3000.

  • GA_TRACKING_ID is the Google Analytics Tracking ID for your app. Optional.

  • GA_HOSTNAME is the hostname of your app for Google Analytics tracking. It's usually the top-level domain of your app. If GA_TRACKING_ID is defined, this must be defined too.