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Dialog for the X-Ray Goggles remix functionality.

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This is the "Compose a Replacement" dialog box shown in Web X-Ray Goggles when the user presses "R" to remix the currently focused element.


Check out the Web X-Ray Goggles repository in the root of this repo, and make sure its directory is called webxray.

Then just run python and visit to manually test the dialog with sample data.

To run the unit tests, visit http://localhost:8002/test/.

To use the dialog with the goggles, see the webxray repository instructions. For reference, your hosted instance of the dialog is at http://localhost:8002/.

Security Considerations

When the dialog is opened in an iframe by the goggles, it's passed arbitrary HTML (whatever the user has selected with the goggles) via postMessage and injected into the dialog for live editing by the user. This means that the domain the dialog is served from shouldn't contain any sensitive information; preferably, it should only be used to serve this dialog.

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