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This is a crummy first attempt at a node.js server. It just provides a RESTful API to storing plaintext data in "bins" on a server. The bins are backed by a git repository, so that it's impossible to incur data loss from use of the API, though actually retrieving old revisions of bins is not currently possible.

To run tests:

  • Enter the test directory.
  • Run node test-nodepad.js.
  • Run node test-server.js.

To run the server:

  • From the root directory, run e.g. node run-server.js 8000 /var/foo to run the server on port 8000 using the git repository at /var/foo as the backing store.

  • Issue GET and PUT requests to URLs to retrieve and set the value of bins, e.g. PUT /foo with a request body to set the value of the foo bin and GET /foo to retrieve it.

  • As you issue new PUT requests, note that a new revision is created in the backing git repository for each PUT.

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