A tiny JSON bin for every Twitter user, usable anywhere on the Web.
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Twitblob is a Python-based WSGI app that provides a simple cross-origin RESTful API giving all Twitter users a small amount of public JSON blob storage on the host server.

For information on how to use an existing Twitblob server from a Web page, see the Web Documentation.

Server Requirements

Running Twitblob on a server requires Python 2.5 or higher with the simplejson and oauth2 packages, MongoDB, and the Python MongoDB driver.

Running the Twitblob test suite requires nose and webtest.


Before proceeding, make sure you have a MongoDB server running on localhost at the default port. This is currently required to run the test suite and standalone development server.

Installing Twitblob on your server can be done by executing the following at a shell prompt from the root of your checkout:

python setup.py nosetests
python setup.py build
sudo python setup.py install

To run the development server, run server.py. It will provide instructions on how to proceed.

To embed the Twitblob WSGI application into your web server, please read the source code for server.py. Sorry this isn't easier right now!