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Prototype to convert Mozilla project-wide meeting wiki page into a slideshow.

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Mozilla Weekly Meeting Slideshow

This is a simple prototype for converting the Mozilla project-wide weekly meeting wiki pages into slideshows.

This is potentially useful for two purposes:

  • We can display the slideshow on mounted screens and the Ten-Forward projection screen before weekly meetings start at Mozilla Offices to give Mozilla Employees ambient information about what's going on in the Mozilla Universe;

  • We can display the slideshow before the weekly meeting starts on Air Mozilla to give remote community members the same ambient information;

  • Jono can manually move through the slides on the Ten-Forward projection screen during the meeting itself as a visual aid;

  • The full power of the Web can be used to potentially make meeting information easier to digest and understand.

Note that the code is currently very hacked-together and doesn't do a lot of things that it ought to.

The form is provided by Uni-Form.

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