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Proper project management in vim. Standing on the shoulders of vimwiki and Taskwarrior

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Make sure you satisfy the requirements

  • Vim 7.4 or newer, with +python or +python3 (NeoVim is also supported)

  • Vimwiki (the dev branch)

      git clone ~/.vim/bundle/ --branch dev
  • Taskwarrior (version 2.4.0 or newer), install either from sources or using your package manager

      sudo dnf install task
  • tasklib (version 2.4.3 or newer), Python library for Taskwarrior.

      sudo pip3 install tasklib
  • For neovim users: Note that pynvim is a required python 3 provider in case you are using neovim

      sudo pip3 install pynvim

Python2 support

Taskwiki is slowly deprecating Python 2 support. Future features are no longer developed with Python2 compatibility in mind.

Install taskwiki

Using pathogen (or similar vim plugin manager), the taskwiki install is as simple as:

git clone ~/.vim/bundle/taskwiki

However, make sure your box satisfies the requirements stated above.

To access documentation, run :helptags taskwiki and then :help taskwiki.

Optional enhancements

The following optional plugins enhance and integrate with TaskWiki. At very least,I'd recommend the AnsiEsc plugin - Taskwarrior charts are much more fun when they're colorful!

  • vim-plugin-AnsiEsc adds color support in charts.

      git clone ~/.vim/bundle/
  • tagbar provides taskwiki file navigation.

      git clone ~/.vim/bundle/
  • vim-taskwarrior enables grid view.

      git clone ~/.vim/bundle/

How it works

Taskwiki enhances simple vimwiki task lists by storing the task metadata in Taskwarrior. Taskwarrior uses plaintext data files as a back end, and taskwiki uses Taskwarrior as a back end. This allows taskwiki to leverage its powerful features, such as filtering, recurrent tasks, user defined attributes or hooks.

Note: Taskwiki only handles check lists that use the asterisk *. All other lists, i.e. those written with a hyphen - or a pound sign # as well as ordered lists, are left alone. This allows you to define plain lists and even vimwiki check lists that are unrelated to Taskwarrior.


Individual tasks

* [ ] Install Taskwiki

Such tasks get synced to TaskWarrior when the file is saved. Additional metadata, as project, tags, priority, can be stored with this task.

Some of that metadata gets visually represented in vim, and is updated if the representation changes in vim.

* [ ] Install Taskwiki !!! (2015-08-23 19:00)

Task lists

Tasks can be grouped - simply written in one block. This has the advantage of any child tasks being marked as dependencies of the parent tasks.

* [ ] Get married
    * [X] Find a girlfriend
    * [ ] Buy a ring
    * [ ] Propose


Viewport is a header with a task query (filter) embedded, generating the corresponding task list. These tasks can be modified and changes will be synced back to task data. A simple viewport can look as follows:

== Home tasks | project:Home ==

Or if you are using markdown syntax it will be

## Home tasks | project:Home

The filter query will be automatically concealed when leaving insert mode.

Upon saving, this will generate the list of matching tasks, in a tree-like fashion (respecting dependencies).

== Home tasks | project:Home ==
* [ ] Feed the dog (2015-08-08)
* [ ] Tidy up the house !!
  * [ ] Wash the dishes
  * [ ] Declare war on the cobwebs

Tasks added (written) to the task list under the viewport inherit the defaults from its filter.

== Home tasks | project:Home ==
* [ ] Feed the dog
* [ ] Tidy up the house !!
  * [ ] Wash the dishes
  * [ ] Declare war on the cobwebs
* [ ] Call the landlord about rent payment (2015-08-23)
      ^ the task above will have project:Home set automatically

For some more complex filters, defaults cannot be automatically derived. In such case, you can specify the defaults explicitly:

== Urgent tasks | +OVERDUE or +urgent | +urgent ==
                                         ^ defaults definition

Viewports can be inspected by hitting [CR] with cursor above them.

Preset headers

A preset header has a similar syntax to a viewport:

== Home tasks || project:Home ==

In contrast to viewports it does not generate a list of associated tasks. Instead it sets a filter for all viewports and default attributes for all new tasks in the corresponding section.

Like with viewports for complex filters the default attributes can be given manually.

== Home tasks || project:house or project:garden || project:house ==

Multiple levels of preset headers are chained. So you can do this:

== Taskwiki development || project:Taskwiki ==
* Non-task notes
=== Bugs || +bugs ===
* [ ] Bug #42
=== Features || +features ===
* [ ] Some Feature

Here both tasks are assigned the Taskwiki project, as well the respective tag.

Report splits

Taskwiki can provide additional information reports on a task list (selected, or part of a viewport) and on individual tasks as well. These reports are shown in dynamic temporary splits.

* [ ] Tidy up the house !! (2015-08-23)

For example, hitting [CR] on the above task runs :TaskWikiInfo and displays:

Name          Value
------------- ---------------------------------------------------------
ID            6
Description   Tidy up the house
                2015-08-22 21:29:35 Tip: Use roomba for vacuum-cleaning
Status        Pending
Project       Home
Entered       2015-08-22 21:27:26 (2 minutes)
Due           2015-08-23 00:00:00
Last modified 2015-08-22 21:30:21 (1 second)
UUID          448c2fa9-6a06-454e-a2bc-b0c8ae91994f
Urgency       9.895
Priority      H

Date                Modification
------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------
2015-08-14 21:29:35 Annotation of 'Tip: Use roomba for vacuum-cleaning' added.
2015-08-14 21:30:11 Due set to '2015-08-23 00:00:00'.

Running the :TaskWikiSummary can produce side-split like this:

Project            Remaining Avg age  Complete 0%                        100%
------------------ --------- -------- -------- ------------------------------
Work                      18  4 weeks      74% ======================
    Feature X              3  4 weeks      89% ==========================
    Feature Y              7  2 weeks      47% =========
  Tickets                  5  3 weeks      79% ======================
  Blog                     1 4 months      50% ===============

There are many more reports (burndown, calendar, history, projects, stats, summary, tags,..), but for the sake of brevity, they will not be described here. They work in a similar fashion.

Task modification commands

Taskwiki provides commands for the all the traditional operation on tasks, such as starting, stopping, completing, deletion, annotation, generic modification, etc.

* [ ] Tidy up the house !! (2015-08-23)

Say we want to postpone this task to tomorrow. This can be achieved by hitting [Leader]tm (:TaskWikiMod) a prompt will show up, where we enter our desired modification:

Enter modifications: due:tomorrow

Task is instantly updated:

* [ ] Tidy up the house !! (2015-08-24)

Task modification commands can be performed on a task currently below the cursor, or on a visually selected group of tasks.


  • Viewport flags: Custom data sources / sort orders can be defined for individual viewports.

  • Grid view: If vim-taskwarrior is available, it can be used to display a grid view of available tasks.

  • Tagbar: Can be shown to display a overview of a Taskwiki file

  • Interactive splits: Assign project/tags by picking a option from a split that lists all the already used projects/tags.


Created by: Tomas Babej.

Design suggestions contributed by: David J Patrick.

Inspired by: vimwiki-tasks plugin.

Taskwiki wouldn't be possible without all the work and support from the Taskwarrior community. Come hang out at #taskwarrior on Freenode.


Code and issue tracker is hosted at:

Feel free to submit pull requests and/or file issues for bugs and suggestions.


Taskwiki comes with preconfigured docker-based test setup. To run the tests, simply issue:

PYTEST_FLAGS="-n8" make test

To run a single test and show vim errors:

PYTEST_FLAGS="-s -k TestChooseProject" make test

You may also build a docker image with different versions of some dependencies:

docker-compose build --build-arg TASK_VERSION=2.6.0 tests

To run the included tests directly you will require

Note also, that the tests depend on language specific messages. So you might need to install and enable either the en_US or en_GB locale. For example:

LANG=en_US python -m pytest

Finally you might want to have a look at the CI configuration and consider using a virtual machine or Xvfb.

Known issues

When tzlocal library can't detect your local timezone, it has to be set explicitly using the environment variable TZ. For example, before launching vim:

export TZ="Europe/Prague"