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Set up ServiceNow MID Server with Docker
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docker ServiceNow MID Server

This is a Dockerfile to set up "ServiceNow MID Server" - (

Build from docker file

git clone
cd sn-mid-server
docker build -t sn-mid-server .

How to use this image

start a MID Server instance

This image includes EXPOSE 80 (the web services port)

docker run -d --name demonightlyeureka \
  -e 'SN_URL=demonightlyeureka' \
  -e 'SN_USER=admin' \
  -e 'SN_PASSWD=admin' \
  -e 'SN_MID_NAME=my_mid' \

generate config.xml file

docker run --rm \
  -e 'SN_URL=demonightlyeureka' \
  -e 'SN_USER=admin' \
  -e 'SN_PASSWD=admin' \
  -e 'SN_MID_NAME=my_personnal_mid' \
  toolsproservia/sn-mid-server mid:setup > /my_directory/demonightlyeureka/config.xml

start with persistent storage

docker run -d --name demonightlyeureka \
  -v /my_directory/demonightlyeureka/logs:/opt/agent/logs \
  -v /my_directory/demonightlyeureka/config.xml:/opt/agent/config.xml \


Available options:
 mid:start          - Starts the mid server (default)
 mid:setup          - Generate config.xml
 mid:help           - Displays the help
 [command]          - Execute the specified linux command eg. bash.
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