tools4j.org is a collection of Java libraries and tools.

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  1. unix4j

    An implementation of Unix command line tools in Java.

    Java 136 23

  2. decimal4j

    Java library for fast fixed-point arithmetic based on longs with support for up to 18 decimal places.

    Java 54 8

  3. spockito

    Java JUnit runner for parameterized tests where the test cases are defined in a table-like manner.

    Java 7 1

  4. meanvar

    Tiny Java utility to incrementally calculate Mean and Standard Deviation with a numerically stable algorithm.

    Java 16 4

  5. groovy-tables

    A groovy API which allows you to create lists of objects using a table like grammar. Written primarily for use when writing test cases.

    Groovy 12 3

  6. fix4j-assert

    Open source fix testing framework for Java (was fix4j-test)

    Java 5 1

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