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Simple Rubber Ducky for Arduino 32U4 boards
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Modification of the malduino project of Seytonic for simple connection on Arduino 32U4 boards. Based on malduino and LocaleKeyboard.js repositories.


  • microSD to store Ducky Script code
  • up to 8 DIP to choose between 256 different payloads
  • button to launch the payload selected by the DIP
  • led to indicate when the payload has finished executing
  • you can choose easily between different keyboard layouts!


ArDucky Made with Fritzing.

If you have to connect it to a Leonardo connects the microSD module to the SPI pins that are in the ICSP connector on the board. The microSD module usually works at 3.3V.


Before uploading the code to the board you need to modify the Configuration.h file to configure and check some parameters such as the keyboard layout or the correct pins on all components. You can review the ConfigurationProMicro.h file to see the connection to a SparkFun ProMicro board.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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