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WHID Injector


Since the first public appearance of HID Attacks, many awesome researches, tools and devices have been released.
However, Offensive Security folks were always seeking a cheap and dedicated hardware that could be controlled remotely (i.e. over WiFi or BT). This is how WHID Injector was born. WHID stands for WiFi-HID injector, it is an USB-Rubberducky / Bad-USB on steroids, designed to fulfill RedTeamers needs during their engagements. Based on an Atmega 32u4 (i.e. Keyboard, mouse and serial emulation) and a ESP-12 (i.e. Wifi AP/Client), It can be easily controlled over the WiFi network and potentially bypass air-gapped environments.


  • Hardware IoT
  • RedTeam

Black Hat sessions

Black Hat Arsenal EU


Lead Developer(s)

Luca Bongiorni -

Corey Harding -

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