If every code sample I had to review looked like this, I'd be really happy about that.
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Code Sample for Jordan Smith

My name is Jordan Smith and I've been working with Ruby for twelve months. I interned at Cool Software Company, which is a Ruby on Rails shop, and I have a number of side projects that I've been using to better understand Ruby.

This repository contains excerpts from those projects and also some code from my internship used with permission.

  1. Sports League Standings Updater -- For a local rec-sports league's website, we
    have to calculate the new league rankings after each week's games. The website is
    written in Ruby on Rails and the code runs in a nightly job. It's a good example of my understanding of separation of concerns in an Object-Oriented application.

  2. Sports League Rainout Notifications -- For that same league, we send
    notifications by text or email when a player's game is rained out. We want
    to make them confirm the phone number or email address in most cases. This
    sample demonstrates the use of asynchronous jobs and external APIs.

Note: Jordan Smith is not a real person. This repository is just an example of what a junior engineer's code sample might look like. All code was written by its committer.