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HighOmega v3.02

@toomuchvoltage toomuchvoltage released this
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This release represents a major rendering approach shift along with performance improvements:

  • Combines real-time directional 3D radiosity mapping with raytracing to respectively handle diffuse and gloss. The radiosity map computation mostly mirrors that of the 3.0 release though directionality is introduced for fine lighting on diffuse groves. Completely avoids de-noising to achieve a ghost and smudge free look. The resulting look is designed to respect all PBR material definitions. Gloss is filtered in screen-space to emulate roughness and contact hardening is emulated via ray hit distance.

  • The mountains, trees and grass are all generated inside compute and re-used across different passes. This usage pattern will be used to handle most dynamic geometry.

  • Sub-allocation first strategy on basically every buffer, image and RTX acceleration structure.

  • A new mode for shattering objects: successive slashing.

  • The mat4 code was updated to use AVX.

  • More logging in console for performance and memory usage.