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Commits on Jun 2, 2012
  1. Part 12 - Using Dependency Injection Container to make application co…

    Toon Ketels authored
  2. Part 12 - Moving code from frontcontroller to Framework.

    Toon Ketels authored
    Now customizations should go into Framework which is obviously
    not the case. Customizations like registering our Custom Error Handler.
    To solve this, we are going to use of Dependency Injection design
  3. Finished part 11 - Using HttpKernel as foundation for custom framework.

    Toon Ketels authored
    Framework would exist out of Custom eventlisteners and contrib code.
Commits on Jun 1, 2012
  1. Use HttpKernel class as Framework.

    Toon Ketels authored
  2. Part 10 - adding http cache.

    Toon Ketels authored
Commits on May 28, 2012
  1. Changed listener objects to subscribers.

    Toon Ketels authored
    By making them subscribe the object themselves decide wich events
    to listen to and what the priority should be.
  2. Created listener objects instead of functions.

    Toon Ketels authored
  3. Mid 9 - Added eventDispatcher to let others extend the framework.

    Toon Ketels authored
    After framework assambled the response, just before returning it,
    the framework let the eventdispatcher class emit a ResponseEvent.
    This response event contains the request and response objects.
    Listeners to the event can access those objects and therefore can
    modify the response (adding stuff to it).
    Listeners need to be added to the eventdispatcher. A listener just
    need to be of type callable (a function will do).
    We can set the priority of the listeners to control which order
    they will be alerted.
Commits on May 27, 2012
  1. Finixed 8 - added unit tests for all possible use cases of our framew…

    Toon Ketels authored
    …ork class.
  2. Separated applications in four components:

    Toon Ketels authored
      - web: all requests will be routed via here
      - vendor: all vendor libs
      - simplex: our custom framework (which consists of one class to handle a request)
      - Calendar: our custom application
  3. Added Controller object. For it to work performent, made use of contr…

    Toon Ketels authored
    part of http-kernel component.
  4. Added controller.

    Toon Ketels authored
  5. Make use of url generation via Routing.

    Toon Ketels authored
    End of part 4.
  6. Seperated lib and app specific logic by putting routes in separate file.

    Toon Ketels authored
    Use matcher object to match a request and given routes. Make use of exception
    handling for 404 and other errors.
  7. Removed custom autoloader. Use default Symfony one.

    Toon Ketels authored
  8. Added dependency to Symfony routing component.

    Toon Ketels authored
  9. Moved source files to src folder. Changed front controller to

    Toon Ketels authored
    parse the arguments.
  10. Created a front controller.

    Toon Ketels authored
    - Moved webroot to /web directory
    - Added htaccess file with rewriting to remove index.php from url
    - Hello and Bye scripts moved to pages dir
    - Hello and Bye script just outputs their contents, get captured by froncontroller
      which sets it as the response content.
  11. Make use of HttpFoundation.

    Toon Ketels authored
Commits on May 26, 2012
  1. Secured index.php. Added test.

    Toon Ketels authored
  2. Download autoloader class via composer.

    Toon Ketels authored
  3. Initial commit.

    Toon Ketels authored
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