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Official-repository for Depending


You'll need a web-server and PHP version 5.3


Clone this repository

git clone git://

Enter the main directory :

cd depending

Install composer dependencies :

curl -s | php
php composer.phar install

Now we need to prepare Propel ORM. First, create a database named depending along with database user that have access into it. You also need to create 3 files :

  • connection.xml.
  • buildtime.xml.

You could use provided template (, connection.xml.tpl, buildtime.xml.tpl) as a starting point.

chmod -R 777 vendor/propel

Now we could run :

vendor/bin/propel-gen . diff migrate
vendor/bin/propel-gen -quiet

If everything goes well, then you're ready. See Propel Documentation furthermore, if you have some issue with above step.

Last, make a VirtualHost with DocumentRoot pointing to public/

Running Tests

To run the test suite :

cd /path/to/depending
vendor/bin/phpunit --coverage-text

This project use Continuous Integration and Test Driven Development with Travis-CI for automatic build (build status could be found on top of this document).

Taufan Aditya

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