A lighweight and easy-to-use ORM for CodeIgniter
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A lighweight and easy-to-use ORM for CodeIgniter. Gas was built specifically for CodeIgniter app. It uses CodeIgniter Database packages, a powerful DBAL which support numerous DB drivers. Gas ORM provide a set of methods that will map your database tables and its relationship, into accesible object.


  • PHP >= v.5.3
  • CodeIgniter v.2.x.x

Documentation and Examples

Go to home of Gas ORM for full guide about convention and in-depth usage.

Running the Test Suite

Set appropriate values on both config/testing/database.php and phpunit configuration you used (check CI_VERSION, APPPATH and BASEPATH) based by your own machine configuration. Then you could run the test, for example you use MySQL database :

phpunit --configuration /path/to/third_party/gas/tests/travis/mysql.travis.xml --coverage-text

Gas ORM is well-tested and the latest build status could be found on the top of this document.