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Release 1.3.1

@robertsLando robertsLando released this
· 65 commits to master since this release
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  • [fix] Removed const (2d1773a)
  • [fix] Memory leak: Unbind events on destroy #296 (e4993c0)
  • [fix] Eve not defined (81cff4c)
  • [feat] Raphael 2.2.8 (5debfd6)
  • [build] Dist files and updated release script (4b235eb)
  • [feat] Gruntfile for dist (b6cd2cb)
  • [refactor] Comments (ca519ed)
  • [feat] Made JustGage AMD andCommonJS friendly (8815ad8)
  • [docs] Added label to refresh (7d21cb9)
  • [docs] Display remaining example and docs (5af3d23)
  • Merge pull request #275 from doofusdavid/master (b4fd547)
  • Merge branch 'master' into master (b55706c)
  • [fix] Reverse example customSectors (350a7db)
  • [feat] Support for label in refresh method (3eea1ac)
  • [feat] Refresh with min value support (back compatible fix) (b51840c)
  • Merge pull request #265 from ghost/master (f6930ac)
  • [docs] Methods section (d6d28cf)
  • [fix] Destroy event and example (15f3c26)
  • Fixed refresh and other locations for displayRemaining (e78d035)
  • Added a displayRemaining property which will show the difference between value and max (useful if you're more interested in how much is left, rather than how much has been used. (904654b)
  • Update .refresh() to support min value (29ab14f)