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List of Rake tasks

The list of Rake tasks.

If you want to confirm all Rake tasks from command line interface, you can run the following.

bundle exec rails rake -T

General usage note: Remember that each command will be invoked in a particular environment (configuration, database). The default environment when nothing is specified is "development". In production, you usually prepend all commands with RAILS_ENV=production to opt into the production environment. This is not necessary if you're using the Docker images, because that environment variable is set in the image for you. Similarly, prepending bundle exec is not necessary when using Docker. The following invocations are equivalent:

Standalone: RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake mastodon:users:admins
Docker: docker-compose run --rm web rake mastodon:users:admins

Furthermore, in the command, rake is interchangeable with rails


Task Description Usage
mastodon:make_admin Turn a user into an admin USERNAME=yourname
mastodon:make_mod Turn a user into an moderator USERNAME=yourname
mastodon:revoke_staff Revoke admin or moderator privileges of a specified user USERNAME=yourname
mastodon:confirm_email Confirm a user manually USER_EMAIL=your@email
mastodon:add_user Create new user (Interactive)
mastodon:users:admins List e-mails of all admins
mastodon:settings:open_registrations Open up registrations
mastodon:settings:close_registrations Close down registrations

Media Storage

Task Description Usage
mastodon:media:remove_silenced Purge all media uploads by silenced accounts. Completely removes records, as if their statuses never had attachments
mastodon:media:remove_remote Remove local cache of remote media attachments older than some time period (defaults to 7 days). Removes only cache, record of an attachment existing remains NUM_DAYS=7
mastodon:media:redownload_avatars Redownload avatars/headers of remote users. Optionally limit to a particular domain with DOMAIN DOMAIN=domain (optional)


Task Description Usage
mastodon:emails:digest Sends out a personal digest to all eligible inactive users. Digest includes mentions since the last time the user was active. No e-mail is sent if there is no new content since last digest or user activity


Task Description Usage
chewy:deploy Rebuilds ElasticSearch indexes from scratch. Useful when first deploying ES, to index existing toots


Task Description Usage
mastodon:maintenance:purge_removed_accounts Check every known remote account and delete those locally that no longer exist on the account's home instance -f, --force (optional - will not request confirmation of each deletion
mastodon:push:clear Normally, a subscription to a once-followed user remains forever, in case the user gets re-followed later. You can purge such subscriptions with 0 followers if you wish
mastodon:feeds:clear_all Purge all home timelines from redis. Useful only for troubleshooting, when e.g. resetting database during development
mastodon:feeds:build Regenerates home timelines for all active users. Useful only for troubleshooting, e.g. if you lost your redis database
mastodon:webpush:generate_vapid_key Generates secrets for WebPush notifications

Data migrations

These are one-off tasks for updating from one version of Mastodon to another. They are noted in the particular release's upgrade notes and are not relevant outside of that.

Task Description Usage
mastodon:media:set_unknown Only relevant for a past release
mastodon:maintenance:update_counter_caches Only relevant for a past release
mastodon:maintenance:add_static_avatars Only relevant for a past release
mastodon:maintenance:prepare_for_foreign_keys Only relevant for a past release