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Bump version to 2.9.0rc1 (#11004)

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Gargron committed Jun 9, 2019
1 parent e5bdfd1 commit 0949c43ab3a9dc76529dcae8e6a0b1c4b6c5f49b
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@@ -3,6 +3,57 @@ Changelog

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

## [Unreleased]
### Added

- **Add single-column mode in web UI** ([Gargron](, [Gargron](, [Gargron](, [Gargron](, [Hanage999](, [noellabo](, [abcang](, [Gargron](, [Gargron](, [Gargron](, [Gargron](, [noellabo](, [Hanage999](
- Add waiting time to the list of pending accounts in admin UI ([Gargron](
- Add a keyboard shortcut to hide/show media in web UI ([ThibG](, [Gargron](, [ThibG](
- Add `account_id` param to `GET /api/v1/notifications` ([pwoolcoc](
- Add confirmation modal for unboosting toots in web UI ([aurelien-reeves](
- Add emoji suggestions to content warning and poll option fields in web UI ([ThibG](
- Add `source` attribute to response of `DELETE /api/v1/statuses/:id` ([ThibG](
- Add some caching for HTML versions of public status pages ([ThibG](

### Changed

- **Change default layout to single column in web UI** ([Gargron](
- **Change light theme** ([Gargron](, [Gargron](, [yuzulabo](, [Gargron](
- **Change preferences page into appearance, notifications, and other** ([Gargron](, [Gargron](
- Change priority of delete activity forwards for replies and reblogs ([Gargron](
- Change Mastodon logo to use primary text color of the given theme ([Gargron](
- Change reblogs counter to be updated when boosted privately ([Gargron](
- Change bio limit from 160 to 500 characters ([trwnh](
- Change API rate limiting to reduce allowed unauthenticated requests ([ThibG](, [hinaloe](, [mayaeh](
- Change help text of `tootctl emoji import` command to specify a gzipped TAR archive is required ([dariusk](
- Change web UI to hide poll options behind content warnings ([ThibG](
- Change silencing to ensure local effects and remote effects are the same for silenced local users ([ThibG](
- Change `tootctl domains purge` to remove custom emoji as well ([Kjwon15](
- Change Docker image to keep `apt` working ([SuperSandro2000](

### Removed

- Remove `dist-upgrade` from Docker image ([SuperSandro2000](

### Fixed

- Fix RTL layout not being RTL within the columns area in web UI ([Gargron](
- Fix display of alternative text when a media attachment is not available in web UI ([ThibG](
- Fix not being able to directly switch between list timelines in web UI ([Gargron](
- Fix media sensitivity not being maintained in delete & redraft in web UI ([ThibG](
- Fix emoji picker being always displayed in web UI ([noellabo](, [yuzulabo](, [wcpaez](
- Fix potential private status leak through caching ([ThibG](
- Fix refreshing featured toots when the new collection is empty in web UI ([ThibG](
- Fix undoing domain block also undoing individual moderation on users from before the domain block ([ThibG](
- Fix time not being local in the audit log ([yuzulabo](
- Fix statuses removed by moderation re-appearing on subsequent fetches ([Kjwon15](
- Fix misattribution of inlined announces if `attributedTo` isn't present in ActivityPub ([ThibG](
- Fix `GET /api/v1/polls/:id` not requiring authentication for non-public polls ([Gargron](
- Fix handling of blank poll options in ActivityPub ([ThibG](
- Fix avatar preview aspect ratio on edit profile page ([Kjwon15](
- Fix web push notifications not being sent for polls ([ThibG](
- Fix cut off letters in last paragraph of statuses in web UI ([ariasuni](

## [2.8.4] - 2019-05-24
### Fixed

@@ -9,19 +9,19 @@ def major

def minor

def patch

def pre

def flags

def to_a

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