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Add option to exclude suspended domains/subdomains from tootctl domai…

…ns crawl (#11454)

* Add "--exclude-suspended" to tootctl domains crawl

This new option ignores any instances suspended server-wide as
well as their associated subdomains. This queries all domain
blocks up front, then runs a regexp on each domain. This improves
performance over what may be the obvious implementation, which is
to ask `DomainBlocks.blocked?(domain)` for each domain -- this
hits the DB many times, slowing things down considerably.

* cleaning up code style

* Compiling regex

* Removing ternary operator
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dariusk authored and Gargron committed Aug 3, 2019
1 parent c8fd823 commit f96f45ef12341648cb8d79d9b70f8c5636f98f64
Showing with 13 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +13 −5 lib/mastodon/domains_cli.rb
@@ -58,6 +58,7 @@ def purge(domain = nil)
option :concurrency, type: :numeric, default: 50, aliases: [:c]
option :silent, type: :boolean, default: false, aliases: [:s]
option :format, type: :string, default: 'summary', aliases: [:f]
option :exclude_suspended, type: :boolean, default: false, aliases: [:x]
desc 'crawl [START]', 'Crawl all known peers, optionally beginning at START'
long_desc <<-LONG_DESC
Crawl the fediverse by using the Mastodon REST API endpoints that expose
@@ -74,18 +75,25 @@ def purge(domain = nil)
default (`summary`), a summary of the statistics is returned. The other options
are `domains`, which returns a newline-delimited list of all discovered peers,
and `json`, which dumps all the aggregated data raw.
The --exclude-suspended (-x) option means that domains that are suspended
instance-wide do not appear in the output and are not included in summaries.
This also excludes subdomains of any of those domains.
def crawl(start = nil)
stats =
processed =
failed =
start_at =
seed = start ? [start] :
stats =
processed =
failed =
start_at =
seed = start ? [start] :
blocked_domains ='\\.?' + DomainBlock.where(severity: 1).pluck(:domain).join('|') + '$')

pool = 0, max_threads: options[:concurrency], idletime: 10, auto_terminate: true, max_queue: 0)

work_unit = ->(domain) do
next if stats.key?(domain)
next if options[:exclude_suspended] && domain.match(blocked_domains)

stats[domain] = nil

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