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Account timelines scroll to bottom gives error #98

Gargron opened this issue Oct 16, 2016 · 0 comments


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commented Oct 16, 2016

No description provided.

@Gargron Gargron added the bug label Oct 16, 2016
@Gargron Gargron added this to the 1.0 milestone Oct 16, 2016
@Gargron Gargron closed this in b5c6d00 Oct 16, 2016
alpaca-tc added a commit to pixiv/mastodon that referenced this issue Apr 24, 2017
Revert "Revert "Create component for announcements""
Merge pull request tootsuite#161 from pixiv/revert-160-feature/create_component_for_announcements
Revert "Create component for announcements"
Merge pull request tootsuite#160 from pixiv/feature/create_component_for_announcements
Change announcement manager
Remove unused import
remove comment out
Create react-component for announcements
Merge pull request tootsuite#156 from pixiv/revert-155-fix_autosuggest_z_index
Revert "トゥートの登録フォームで長文を書いても、アナウンスパネルにかぶらないように"
Merge pull request tootsuite#155 from pixiv/fix_autosuggest_z_index
(origin/fix_autosuggest_z_index, fix_autosuggest_z_index) Add zindex style
(svg_encode) Merge pull request tootsuite#141 from pixiv/add_privacy_policy_for_sp
Fix title/ogp.
Fix text.
Merge pull request tootsuite#151 from pixiv/add_protocol
(origin/add_protocol, add_protocol) Add protocol
Merge pull request tootsuite#149 from pixiv/allow_5_megabytes
(origin/allow_5_megabytes, allow_5_megabytes) Reject large profile
Merge pull request tootsuite#148 from pixiv/notice_pixiv_link
(origin/notice_pixiv_link, notice_pixiv_link) pixivアカウントと連携した場合の注意を表記する
Merge pull request tootsuite#147 from pixiv/disable_two_factor_authentication
(origin/disable_two_factor_authentication, disable_two_factor_authentication) Hide two factor authentication if user is linked with pixiv account
Merge pull request tootsuite#145 from pixiv/remove_announcements
(origin/remove_announcements, remove_announcements) Remove announcements on mobile
Merge pull request tootsuite#144 from pixiv/fix_sidebar_ex
Fix sidebar scroll css.
Merge pull request tootsuite#143 from pixiv/fix_sidebar_scroll
Merge pull request tootsuite#122 from pixiv/render_announcements
Render announcements
Make sideber scrollabled at setting page.
Merge pull request tootsuite#139 from pixiv/replace_mastodon_to_pawoo
Add sample text at view.
Add controller method.
Add endpoint.
Destroy InitialPasswordUsage
Remove unnecessary index
Expire cache of nginx
(origin/replace_mastodon_to_pawoo, replace_mastodon_to_pawoo) Replace 'Mastodon' -> 'Pawoo'
Update site_title 'Mastodon' -> 'Pawoo'
Replace 'Mastodon' with 'Pawoo'
Render pixiv url
Prevent destroy if user has initial_password_usage
Replace with
Add comment for normalize_username
Render error message when failed linking
Optimize query for finding by uid and provider
Update locale of oauth_authentication
Rename RedisCache -> RedisSessionStore
Enable popup signup sdk
Do not remove upcase
Replace :preload -> :includes
Refactor Form::OauthRegistration
Find oauth_authentication by uid
(hotfix_oauth_login) Merge pull request tootsuite#135 from pixiv/replace_toppage_image
Remove site_extended_description
Replace demo image
Revert cookie_store key
Fix text.
Revert "Add i18n-tasks to ci"
Merge pull request tootsuite#105 from pixiv/omniauth-pixiv
Merge pull request tootsuite#124 from pixiv/improve_top_page
(origin/improve_top_page, improve_top_page) Skip view spec for contact page
Improve home#show home#more
Merge pull request tootsuite#123 from pixiv/i18n-tasks
(origin/i18n-tasks) Add i18n-tasks to ci
(origin/omniauth-pixiv, omniauth-pixiv) Fixes undefined method error
Merge pull request tootsuite#100 from pixiv/fix/remove-unused-message
Fixed typo
Merge pull request tootsuite#113 from pixiv/omniauth-pixiv-with-badge
Add oauth authentication status badge to user page
Add oauth authentication status badge
Load oauth_authentications
Rename `ソーシャルログイン` -> `pixivアカウント連携`
Update secrets.yml
Fixes gemfiles
Update oauth_registration.rb
Add null constraint to initial_password_usages
Fixes specs
Do not delete oauth_authentication if user has initial_password_usage
Send reset password instruction if user has initial password
Send reset password instruction if user has initial password
Create InitialPasswordUsage for initial user
Create InitialPasswordUsage
Destroy OauthAuthentication that related with expired users
Update oauth registration form
signin popup
Add omniauth action buttons
autoresize textarea
replace oops image
media aspect ratio change to 16:9
Create OauthRegistrationsController
CookieStore can not store data because it is tiny
Clean redis data each test
Create Auth::OmniauthCallbacksController
Create Settings::OauthAuthenticationsController
Create OauthAuthentication
Install omniauth-pixiv
Feature/change displayname style (tootsuite#102)
Merge pull request tootsuite#76 from pixiv/feature/hide-follow-when-blocked
Merge pull request tootsuite#103 from pixiv/fsubal/fix-broken-account-description
Merge pull request tootsuite#66 from pixiv/fix/url_escape
add HTML escape test
put a comma after the last item
Merge pull request tootsuite#99 from pixiv/autoresize_textarea
autoresize textarea
replace oops image
謎の clear: both; を削除
Update accounts.scss
add tests
Remove unused translation
Merge pull request tootsuite#98 from pixiv/media_aspect_ratio_change_to_16_9
media aspect ratio change to 16:9
add rel=nofollow
fix character escaping in URL
Merge pull request tootsuite#90 from pixiv/sidekiq-statistic
Merge pull request tootsuite#96 from pixiv/admin_script
Destroy local account from admin page
Merge pull request tootsuite#92 from pixiv/fix/translation_ja_modal
Nyoho referenced this issue in Nyoho/mastodon Apr 25, 2017
akihikodaki pushed a commit to kagucho/mastodon that referenced this issue May 3, 2017
Updates Docker Update Instructions for git
alpaca-tc added a commit to pixiv/mastodon that referenced this issue Jun 15, 2017
hcmiya pushed a commit to hcmiya/v6don that referenced this issue Jul 29, 2017
Fix tootsuite#4067 - Do not make HTTP round-trip when resolving local URL (tootsuite#4160)
YaQ00 added a commit to YaQ00/mastodon that referenced this issue Oct 7, 2017
change mastodon-getting-started.png
tomoasleep added a commit to tomoasleep/mastodon that referenced this issue Dec 25, 2017
Update the Mastodon to version 2.1.0
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