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@Gargron Gargron released this Apr 27, 2017 · 7418 commits to master since this release

This update includes important security fixes.


  • Textarea height reset on submission (#2236)
  • Fixed mistakes in onboarding modal (#1964)
  • Improve bio compatibility with GNU social (#2278)
  • Adjust boost icon tooltip according to visibility (#1754)
  • Support for IDN (utf8/punycode) URLs (#2363, #2370)
  • Fix e-mail whitelist rules (#2213)
  • Fix hashtags in private toots listing the toot on public hashtag pages (#2182)
  • Fix status being available in public timelines before images finished attaching (#2426)
  • Add shared status tampering verification (#2525)
  • Hide redundant links on small screens (#2175)
  • Fix mangling of ##tags (#2247)
  • Various performance improvements, bug fixes


  • Version now returned in API (#2181)
  • Display remaining characters when editing profile (2219)
  • Display local time rather than UTC through JS (#2174)
  • API for single notification dismissal (#2251)
  • Emoji picker can now be localized (#2294, #2302)
  • Improve aria support (#2299, #1424, #2516)
  • Confirmation modals for deleting, blocking and muting (#2279)
  • Private toots now federate out to remote followers (#2111)
  • Improved reports admin UI (#2349)
  • Switching the context column in web UI made faster (#2271)
  • Right-to-left design for the UI (#2378)
  • API support for idempotency header to prevent duplicate toots via network failures (#2419)
  • Save media dimensions for media attachments (#2448)
  • Link preview cards now support OEmbed, e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr embeds (#2337)
  • Mastodon self-identifies when doing HTTP requests (#2073, #2253)

Various improved localizations and new translations.

Upgrade notes:

  • This release includes dependency updates, that means you need to run bundle install and yarn install (not required in Docker deployments)
  • This release includes database migrations, that means you need to run RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails db:migrate (in Docker: docker-compose run --rm web rails db:migrate)
  • This release includes changes to assets, that means you need to run RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails assets:precompile (in Docker: docker-compose run --rm web rails assets:precompile)



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