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@Gargron Gargron released this Nov 30, 2018 · 12 commits to stable-2.6 since this release




  • Add Page to whitelisted ActivityPub types (#9188)
  • Add 20px to column width in web UI (#9227)
  • Add amount of freed disk space in tootctl media remove (#9229, #9239, #9288)
  • Add "Show thread" link to self-replies (#9228)


  • Change order of Atom and RSS links so Atom is first (#9302)
  • Change Nginx configuration for Nanobox apps (#9310)
  • Change the follow action to appear instant in web UI (#9220)
  • Change how the ActiveRecord connection is instantiated in on_worker_boot (#9238)
  • Change tootctl accounts cull to always touch accounts so they can be skipped (#9293)
  • Change mime type comparison to ignore JSON-LD profile (#9179)


  • Fix web UI crash when conversation has no last status (#9207)
  • Fix follow limit validator reporting lower number past threshold (#9230)
  • Fix form validation flash message color and input borders (#9235)
  • Fix invalid twitter:player cards being displayed (#9254)
  • Fix emoji update date being processed incorrectly (#9255)
  • Fix playing embed resetting if status is reloaded in web UI (#9270, #9275)
  • Fix web UI crash when favouriting a deleted status (#9272)
  • Fix intermediary arrays being created for hash maps (#9291)
  • Fix filter ID not being a string in REST API (#9303)


  • Fix multiple remote account deletions being able to deadlock the database (#9292)
  • Fix HTTP connection timeout of 10s not being enforced (#9329)

Upgrade notes:

Because this is a backport, it is not available with git pull. Use git fetch && git checkout v2.6.2

  1. Precompile the assets:
    • Non-Docker: RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails assets:precompile
    • Docker: The assets are already precompiled during the build step
  2. Restart Mastodon

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