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Why Askani

Writing django models is a very repetitive task, every model you write is very similar to the previous one, except for class and field names. Writing Meta options is even more tedious beacause you have to remember every available option and use them consistently in your project.

Askani helps you focus just in what's important. You don't need to remember all the available model fields, or the meta options, only type your model's name and the rest will be there for you to choose from. It doesn't matter if you are senior django developer tried of writing models or if you are giving your first steps in this awesome framework, you can find Askani helpful.

Features list

  • Completely client-side. No web server required.
  • State constantly saved to browser. No risk of losing data on browser crashes.
  • 100% PEP 8 compliant.
  • Validates method signature.
  • Uniform class, field and method names.
  • UML-like graphics.
  • Full meta options support.
  • Produces ready-to-run python code.
  • Optional Google Analytics tracking.

TO-DO list

  • Export and import project.
  • Parse existing
  • Save to disk.
    • This may need a browser plugin to work.
  • Collaborative (concurrent) work.
  • Represent graphically relationships between models.
  • Allow field autocomplete for multiple field choice meta options.
  • Allow global configuration.
  • Full support for field options.
  • Usability improvements
    • Graphically show which model's meta options is being edited.
    • Add "edit name", "edit type", "edit options" and "delete" to fields in a usable way.
    • Make clear which fields have customized options.
  • Support for app modelling.
  • Conquer the world >=)

3rd party software

Tested in

  • Firefox 3.5
  • Iceweasel 3.5
  • Chromium 6.0
  • Safari

Report bugs

Get help

Contact me:

Feel free to contact me, send comments, ideas, critics. Every opinion is welcome.

Thanks to

  • My friends for all the feedback.
  • The authors of the 3rd party apps.
  • @documentcloud for the help with backbone.js.
  • You for using it.


If you like the software just use it. No donations accepted.