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A RESTful API to your music collection
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No longer maintained

Note: This project is no longer under maintainance.

Please feel free to fork it and develop it further, I would gladly answer any questions you may have, but I will not develop any more features. Thanks everyone for their support, it was fun to work on this, but I have no interest in maintaining this any more.


More than a RESTful API to your music collection.

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What is Shiva?

The Mozilla Hacks blog kindly published a nice article that explains the ideas that inspire this software: Shiva: More than a RESTful API to your music collection.

You can find the technical documentation at Read The Docs.


Read the instruction on how to install Shiva in the official documentation.


Please read the LICENSE file distributed with this software.


Remember that when using this software you must comply with your country's laws. You and only you will be held responsible for any law infringement resulting from the misuse of this software.

That said, have fun.

Why Shiva?

Shiva is the name of the crater that would have been created by the K-Pg event that extincted the dinosaurs.

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