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Makes the JavaScript runtime sane then makes it better
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UsefulJS is a lightweight general-purpose JavaScript development library that is designed to make programming easier and more pleasant by creating a consistent ES5/6 runtime environment with useful enhancements. It doesn't try to do everything and it certainly doesn't try to tell you how to program; it just takes care of the basics unobtrusively, letting you get on with your job.

Getting started

Read docs/index.html and follow directions. TLDR: edit to use your JavaScript minification tool and then build the project:
$ make all

If you prefer, you can download built libraries from

Using the library

Include whichever built version you prefer, for example:
<script src="path/to/UsefilJS-min-full-latest.js"></script>

At the top of your application entry point, make the following call to to fix your runtime environment:
UsefulJS.fix({string : "all"});

Now you can use the great majority of built-in ES5/6 functions without having to be afraid that your application will break on a user's browser. The Object parameter is optional. The example given adds a couple of non-standard methods to the String class for padding output which I find useful in pretty much every project I write. There is no downside to calling fix because it won't do anything if nothing needs to be done.

UsefulJS does a whole lot more besides. Check out the docs.

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