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alex committed May 23, 2013
1 parent e4b143f commit 10672a73be9359e4d534e1902b0edaf34d78eda7
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@@ -401,14 +401,14 @@ def method_append_features(self, space, w_mod):
@classdef.method("define_singleton_method", name="symbol")
def method_define_singleton_method(self, space, name, w_method=None, block=None):
return self.klass.create_and_define_method(space, name, w_method, block)
args_w = [space.newsymbol(name)]
if w_method is not None:
return space.send(self.klass, "define_method", args_w, block)

@classdef.method("define_method", name="symbol")
def method_define_method(self, space, name, w_method=None, block=None):
return self.create_and_define_method(space, name, w_method, block)

def create_and_define_method(self, space, name, w_method=None, block=None):
if w_method is not None:
if space.is_kind_of(w_method, space.w_method):
w_method = space.send(w_method, "unbind")

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