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Merge pull request #685 from krekoten/exception_equal_value

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alex committed May 7, 2013
2 parents 2ce7350 + 46bae5f commit 599ac1d84530b9f76d658ca80735fd85cc139e74
Showing with 29 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +0 −8 spec/tags/core/exception/equal_value_tags.txt
  2. +29 −0 topaz/objects/

This file was deleted.

@@ -24,6 +24,14 @@ def __str__(self):

method_allocate = new_exception_allocate(classdef)

def copy_instance_vars(self, space, w_other):
"""Copies special instance vars after #copy or #dup"""
assert isinstance(w_other, W_ExceptionObject)
W_Object.copy_instance_vars(self, space, w_other)
self.msg = w_other.msg
self.frame = w_other.frame
self.w_backtrace = w_other.w_backtrace

def method_initialize(self, space, w_msg=None):
if w_msg is space.w_nil or w_msg is None:
@@ -84,6 +92,27 @@ def method_set_backtrace(self, space, w_backtrace):
return self.w_backtrace
raise space.error(space.w_TypeError, "backtrace must be Array of String")

def method_eq(self, space, w_other):
if not isinstance(w_other, W_ExceptionObject):
return space.w_false
if self is w_other:
return space.w_true

id_message = space.newsymbol("message")
id_backtrace = space.newsymbol("backtrace")
id_eq = space.newsymbol("==")

w_msg = space.send(self, id_message)
w_other_msg = space.send(w_other, id_message)
w_backtrace = space.send(self, id_backtrace)
w_other_bactrace = space.send(w_other, id_backtrace)

return space.newbool(
space.is_true(space.send(w_msg, id_eq, [w_other_msg]))
and space.is_true(space.send(w_backtrace, id_eq, [w_other_bactrace]))

class W_ScriptError(W_ExceptionObject):
classdef = ClassDef("ScriptError", W_ExceptionObject.classdef, filepath=__file__)

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